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    GA - Jeannette & Dannette Millbrooke, 15 yo Twins, Augusta, 18 March 1990

    Podcast will detail struggles of missing twin’s family in search for closure

    Shanta Sturgis last saw her older twin sisters more than 27 years ago when they walked out of their Olive Road home to go to their godfather’s house.

    It was March 18, 1990, when 15-year-old s Jeannette Latrice Millbrooke and Dannette Millbrooke disappeared .

    “Earlier that day, my mom had sent them to Church’s Chicken to go get some food for the household for us to eat for lunch, cause she didn’t feel like cooking that day,” Sturgis said last week. “On their way back from there they were on their way home and when they got home they told my mom there was some guy in a white van following them.”

    After eating lunch, Sturgis said the girls left the house again to head to their godfather’s house. It was about 3 p.m.
    Much more at link: http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/20...search-closure
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    Here it is June 2017, four YEARS after this thread was started and it's still going nowhere. The sister of these kids can't even get Roundtree to talk to her. They are starting some kind of podcast trying to get attention going on this case. So sad.....

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    The first two episodes of the podcast are available, the only way I know to get to them is through the links on the Facebook page for them. The next episode should be any day now if the pace stays the same.


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    We are here to help. I will do my best to not cause any hindrance, in any manner.
    I will at times, "think out loud." I have done this since I can remember.
    I will share my opinions. Thoughts. Insights. And I encourage everyone else to do the same.
    Let's find them, and bring them home!

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    Investigators still awaiting new evidence in missing girls case


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    They made it to their friend house and left around 4:00p.m, there should've been a few witness in their neighborhood. Police should ask again.

    I would also submit their case to Disappeared and Unsolved Mysteries.

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    Missing Millbrook twins’ case sees movement nearly 30 years later


    The podcast is only part of what’s giving the family hope.

    DNA and a one on one interview with the Richmond County Sheriff are both new starts to a long awaited turn around in the case.

    These are just some of the ways the hosts of a podcast helped a local family hope for the best.

    Augusta twins Jeannette and Dannette Millbrook received very little media attention after they were last seen March 18, 1990. But after seven episodes of a podcast called The Fall Line, the family is getting movement they feel might be enough to bring the girls home.

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    There is now a podcast covering this case. It's called The Fall Line; very well done. Such a heartbreaking story.


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    The twins, not much of anything ever happened in this case. Makes one wonder, oh and the questions...

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    Augusta billboard recognizes those missing since 1990


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