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    Paul Joseph Fronczak (1 day) - Chicago IL, 1964

    Paul Joseph Fronczak

    Non-Family Abduction from Chicago, Illinois since April 27, 1964

    Age: 1 day

    Paul was stolen from Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, Illinois on April 27, 1964 when he was only 36 hours old. His abductor posed as a nurse. At 9:30 am she came into the room while he was nursing, uncovered and looked at him, and left. She returned at 1:30 pm and said she needed to take Paul to the nursery. 20 minutes later, the real nurse came to take him to the nursery. The police were called and a search was initiated immediately but Paul was not found.

    Just over a year later on July 2, 1965 a toddler was found abandoned outside a store in Newark, New Jersey. FBI agents tested the boy's blood and thought he might be Paul. DNA testing was not available, but Paul's parents believed the boy was Paul and adopted him when he was 2. In 2012, DNA proved the boy was not Paul. The case has since been reopened. Paul is still missing and the other boy is looking to determine his true identity.



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