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    NJ - Fraud Againt nuns lands man in prison

    A story from NJ.com:

    N.J. man gets prison for $1.3 million fraud against nuns

    How do nuns get hands on $225,000?


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    'Ruthless con man' from Margate man gets 18 years for fraud against nun, two priests, others

    Many victims lost their life savings and suffered psychological trauma, the federal attorneys said. In addition to one known suicide, at least one other victim tried to take his or her own life.

    One couple, identified as C.T. and J.F. in court documents, knew Sotomayor as “Adrian Rodriguez” and lost as much as $300,000 in the scheme. As a result, J.F. took his own life. Once jailed, Sotomayor had C.T. put on his call list as a “sibling” and continued to defraud the widow of more than $8,000, pretending to be a man trying to help “Rodriguez,” who he said was “taking the fall” for other members of the fake company, according to court documents.

    The nun originally targeted was removed from her position as the head of her order and was investigated. She now lives largely in seclusion. The second priest, “Father R,” had to resign from his parish and was sued civilly by a parishioner who lent him money to send to Sotomayor.

    more at link ...................... http://www.pressofatlanticcity.com/c...a4bcf887a.html

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