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    John's interview - Fleet as suspect

    John appears to have brought with him to the interview a folder containing details of people of interest whom he wanted the investigators to look at.

    Much of the interview was spent discussing the contents of the folder. It included Chris Wolf and Flippy Esso and also some guy that a psychic medium described on a tv programme.

    TeamRamsey also offered a linguistic analysis which was done on Fleet White using the letters he wrote in newspapers etc and the ransom note.

    Lin Wood was reluctant to discuss the findings of the analysis on tape, but if they were offering the police the results of a linguistic analysis, it is doubtful that the analysis was suggesting anything other than a possible match.
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    Jayelles,it would be interesting to see what Twilight thinks of Fleet's linguistics compared to the ransom note. IMO the letter provided by the Santas was linguistically in balance with the ransom note,as well. Santa ,being ,a professor of journalism,may have had some influence on the style of his students,therefore,I have considered the possibility of Wolf or the prophet writing in a similar manner to the santas. Have we settled Flippy's identity? Are his initials JM or MM,Simon, STC, the alley guy or someone not known to most of us?

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    The whole "field" of "linguistic analysis" isn't admissible in civil, let alone criminal court.

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    Here are the bits from the transcript where this linguistic analysis is discussed:-

    4 MR. WOOD: Before we go there,
    5 Bruce, let me say to you, I turned over to
    6 Ollie two expandables of stuff that I have
    7 gotten for him to look at, including, you
    8 may know this, Chief, but I got some really
    9 long and detailed analysis of Fleet White's
    10 letters compared to the ransom notes from a
    11 lawyer in New York. Are you familiar with
    12 it? You may not have gotten it yet.
    13 MR. BECKNER: I don't believe so.
    14 MR. WOOD: He will go through it
    15 and get it all to you. I am trying to
    16 keep up with it to go to Ollie. It is two
    17 expandables of different tips on leads.
    18 MR. BECKNER: What type of
    19 analysis is it?
    20 MR. WOOD: It's a linguistic
    21 analysis of the public letters that Fleet
    22 White and Priscilla White have written about
    23 the case, and they have taken that and done
    24 an analysis of the ransom note. So I am
    25 not making any suggestions except to describe

    1 it


    Q. Was there anybody else besides her
    13 who submitted handwriting?
    14 MR. WOOD: I told you about the
    15 Fleet White package that I received.
    16 MR. KANE: Yes. That is right.
    17 Fleet White.
    18 MR. LEVIN: If I can interrupt
    19 for just a second, that's based on
    20 linguistics, though, if I understood you?
    21 MR. WOOD: To tell you the truth,
    22 I haven't, other than to recognize what it
    23 was, I did not try to study it. So I
    24 wouldn't -- my impression was initially it
    25 was linguistics, but it might be, it might

    1 reference handwriting.
    2 MR. KANE: Was that a handwritten
    3 note or something of Fleet or --
    4 MR. WOOD: No. It's about an
    5 inch and a half thick report.
    6 MR. KANE: Okay. But it's not
    7 handwritten, I was talking about handwriting
    8 here, was that in here?
    9 MR. WOOD: That is what I was
    10 telling Bruce. I didn't study it other than
    11 to recognize that it was someone sending me
    12 an analysis of Fleet White's writings. And
    13 whether it is limited to linguistics or
    14 whether it goes into the handwriting issue, I
    15 wouldn't state on the record without being
    16 certain, but I will get that to you all and
    17 you will know exactly what it is.
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    This is only my opinion

    Let the focus be on Madeleine

    Together we can make a difference

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    Oh well. The Whites have NEVER done anything to the Ramseys like sue them.

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