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    "Rizzoli & Isles" Star Found Dead at 29

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    It sadly was a suicide

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    So sad. I truly wish he couldve talked to someone. May he RIP

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    Oh Captain, My Captain
    RIP-I dont understand what is going on here. It's like there is suicide fever in Hollywood.
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    29 years old. So sad, so very sad.
    Love you, Littlest Little!

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    Tears filled my eyes when I heard about this.
    I know it sounds silly as there is no personal connection.
    I'm just a fan of his and of Rizzoli & Isles.
    Depression does not discriminate.

    All of the above rambling ravings are JMO.

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    R.I.P. Lee Thompson Young.

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    So very sad Love his work.

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    Tonight, after the show, an "In Loving Memory " 1984-2013 came up on the screen. 1984--- He was sooo young to be out of hope. He seemed to be a nice young man and I really enjoyed the character he played on Rizzoli & Ilses. He will be missed.
    See, I still have most of my marbles!

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    It's just said. Here is someone who at least on the surface seems to have everything going for him, and living the life many people can only dream of.
    Just my opinion

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    "Lee Thompson Young was handsome, successful and had his whole life ahead of him."

    "It's still a mystery. Evidently he was a clean-cut kid who didn't use alcohol and had no reported drug problem," a law enforcement source told the Daily News Tuesday."

    "The source said investigators recovered a gun at the scene but had not found a suicide note."


    BBM. Lee was a sweet, kind, talented young man, from all accounts. And I've seen him act, he's a good actor and adds a special sensitivity you don't see in many young stars. So to me, it is very very sad *IF* Lee killed himself.

    However, I'll be the first to go on record and say since there was no suicide note and he did not seem like a troubled young man, his death MIGHT NOT have been self-inflicted. Perhaps someone else compelled him to pull the gun trigger...

    I hope LE investigates further and determines the cause of his death. *IF* it was suicide, I'd like to understand what he was experiencing that caused him to take his own life. Such a tragedy :'(

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    So sad.
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    Yes, very sad

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    "At the time of his death, Young had a history “of bi-polar disorder and depression” and was taking lithium and quetiapine fumarate, the coroner’s report states. Toxicology tests found no sign of illicit drugs."

    Just my opinion

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