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    Fork In Penis Removed After 70-Year-Old Man Stuffs 4-Inch Utensil Into His Urethra

    Posted: 08/19/2013 10:52 am EDT | Updated: 08/19/2013 6:45 pm EDT
    Men of the world, here's a piece of advice: There are many ways to bring happiness to your Johnson, but sticking a fork into it isn't one of them.
    Just ask this 70-year-old Australian man who was rushed to the hospital after he attempted that very feat: ccording to a report published in the International Journal of Surgery Cases earlier this month, the Canberra man was admitted to the hospital with "bleeding urethral meatus" after he stuffed a 4-inch fork into his urethra in an attempt to "achieve sexual gratification."
    Fortunately, the report says the fork was successfully removed using forceps and "copious lubrication."
    According to the report's authors, this isn't the first time that a man has attempted to insert a foreign object into his nether regions. Pens, safety pins, telephone cables, glue, cocaine, straws, marbles, light bulbs, carrots and snakes, among other strange things, have allegedly been found stuck in penises in the past. more at link (with x-ray): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/0...n_3779392.html
    This is the year to locate Mark Dribin https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...ht=Mark+Dribin NamUs MP#876 and Ilene Misheloff https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...lene+Misheloff NamUs MP#6410 and bring them home to their families!

    Parents watch your children. Free-range parenting leads to more child victims.

    Cruelty to humans begins with cruelty to animals.

    I believe in closure, not forgiveness. I'm also unapologetically judgemental.


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    He was just throwing another shrimp on the barbie.

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    I didn't read this, and I didn't look at the xray, either.

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    I bet that really forkin' hurt... ><

    Reminds me of Albert Fish, the sex predator/'pedo/serial killer. He shoved dozens of needles into his pelvis, among other things...

    I try to be compassionate, at all times. But really, I just don't know about these guys... what happened to them, in thier lives, that makes them want to do this to themselves?

    Once they were just little boys.. adorable and innocent. So what happened? Is my main thought.
    Everything I have posted at this website, past or present, represents my opinion or my understanding of events based on facts that are publicly available.

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    Well, electroshock therapy & saltpeter. Then there's the obvious, but then he'd just find another orifice.

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    Hey, I've heard the phrase "stick a fork in him", but never did I realize.......

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