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    KY - Man snatched an officer's 13-month-old from his crib

    Police: Man snatched an officer's 13-month-old from his crib

    The victim tells us he's spent years upholding and enforcing the law, and helping other crime victims. He says he never thought he would be a victim himself, but that's exactly what happened on Friday.

    He says he had just put his 13-month-old down for a nap when he went to check on him and he was gone from his crib.

    Moments later he says he saw a man, Patrick Rogers, walking down the street with the baby in his arms.

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    Have you a link to a news article Carmel? TIA.

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    He chased him down, grabbed the baby back and Rogers fled.


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    That child had a lucky escape. I shudder to think what the kidnapper was planning to do with the child if he hadn't been caught.

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    The comments on the article explained some things for me. His photo is ummm scary! Reminds me of Elizabeth Smart's abductor. jmo
    “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” - Maya Angelou

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    This is the officers former BIL? It's astounding he hasn't run into him because this guy was locked up so much he should have his own cell. He was just locked up on August 6th and he looked like Charles Manson then.

    Lots of Mugshots


    Thankfully this little one was saved.

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    Sept 2013:

    A Lincoln County man accused of trying to kidnap a 13-month-old boy has bonded out of jail while his case has been waived to a grand jury...

    Rogers pleaded not guilty last week, telling District Judge Janet Booth that Shearer had overreacted to the situation. He said he found the boy unattended on the porch and just wanted to hold him.

    "I picked the kid up and the minute I turned around and walked off the porch — and here he is, running out there behind me," Rogers said at the Sept. 5 hearing.

    “I just wanted to hug him. He’s about the only family I got left,” Rogers said after the hearing, as he was being led away from court in shackles and an orange jumpsuit. “I just wanted to hug him, and this is what it got me.”

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