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    TX - Houston, HispMale UP2625, 15-20, passport of 'Reynaldo Portello Leija', Aug'87

    Happened across this story while looking for another case and cannot believe the dots have not been connected on this one.



    Long story short:
    Skeletal remains found in Harris County on August 14 1987
    Hispanic male, 15-20 years old, evidence of strenuous labor
    Carrying wallet / El Salvador passport for "Reynaldo Portello Leija" but LE unable to confirm passport belonged to the man.

    67" tall, unable to estimate weight
    Found in wooded area, possibly dead for up to one year.
    Found clothed, details of clothing in Namus.
    Also found with: "Black plastic pocket comb, brass-type key with letters "IN" and "3" on it. Wallet and passport from El Salvador belonging to "Reynaldo Portello Leija" -- date of issue 9/10/197X, Father's name Jose Efrain, Mother's name Fidelina Portillo, eyes brown, weight 120lbs, cit in El Salvador Canton"

    Dentals available, DNA in CODIS.

    So much information here, especially if the documents are real. Maybe someone with contacts in El Salvador could help.

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    Additional information, including pictures of the clothes found on the deceased.


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    Could be a migrant worker who was murdered.

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    Seems very likely. With so much documentation, kind of surprised a match hasn't been made yet but of course the documentation may have been fake. No indication of this, though. Believe the many missing in El Salvador from the early 1980s may complicate things as well.

    Wasn't clear from NAMUS if this was foul play or not...

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