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    British leader loses vote on Syria military response


    British Prime Minister David Cameron was dealt a blow Thursday in his push for a strong response, including possible military action, against Syria after the House of Commons voted down the measure.
    The vote, 285-to-272, came just minutes after member of Parliament rejected a Labour Party motion calling for additional time for U.N. weapons inspectors to gather evidence over whether President Bashar al-Assad's forces used chemical weapons in suburban Damascus.

    A closed-door meeting of the U.N. Security Council ended Thursday with no agreement on a resolution to address the crisis in Syria

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    Daily Mail:

    The humbling of David Cameron: On a momentous night, Tory rebellion forces Prime
    Minister to rule out military strike against Syria... and plunges him into a deep political crisis

    • PM's authority in Parliament and on world stage dealt unprecedented blow
    • Shouts of 'resign' from Labour benches as 285-272 vote was announced
    • Last time any PM was defeated over issue of war and peace was in 1782
    • Downing Street source says David Cameron has no intention of resigning
    • Michael Gove allegedly shouted at Tory rebels outside chamber: 'You're a disgrace'


    Obama strike plans in disarray after Britain rejects use of force in Syria

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