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    Talk about Rotten Luck! Half blind man shot in good eye

    A Santa Fe man who was already blind in his right eye was shot with a pellet gun in his left eye.

    Kevin Bankens, 35, was shot several times with a pellet gun Tuesday afternoon. He was jogging near the intersection of Calle Atajo and Avenida Linda.

    Bankens, who was already blind in his right eye because of a fireworks accident, was hit in the left eye by one of the pellets. He was able to make it to a nearby park, where city workers called an ambulance.


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    Reading this article makes me realize how fortunate I ended up as a kid. All of the boys in the neighborhood would get together and "hunt" each other with our "Daisy" BB guns. It stung like the dickens if you got hit on the bare skin. Stupid? Yes! Fortunately those guns had nowhere near the power of today's BB guns, and none of us ever had any long lasting damage done to us.
    Cassy, "Baby goodbye, doesn't mean forever....." I haven't been on for a while. Are you leaving us? How will you be able to raise your children without my input?
    If you are leaving us let me "wish you the best" in whatever indecent (Oooopppss, I mean endeavor) you are leaving us for.