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    Man Rapes and Causes Miscarriage to Ex-Girlfriend

    The man faces murder, rape and aggravated burglary charges.

    Authorities say he did the unthinkable. He raped his pregnant ex-girlfriend and killed his unborn child in the process. Today the man accused of the vicious crime faced a judge. 22-year-old Gregorio Garcia faces murder, rape and aggravated burglary charges. He's accused of causing his 10 week pregnant girlfriend to have a miscarriage. Detectives say it all went down at Lake of the Woods apartments.

    Detective Cathy Stooksbury of the Lucas County Sheriff's Department, "She thought it was her friend coming over she opened the door he barged in and at that point he verbally abused her then punched her in her stomach numerous time with a closed fist."


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    Gotta wonder what the pro-choice crowd would say about this if he gets convicted of murder.
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