'Black Jesus' Steven Tari is hacked to death

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The Independent - 8 hours ago
The self-styled Black Jesus's death followed the murder last week of a Gal schoolgirl, allegedly by Tari. The girls he was convicted of raping also came from Gal.

Cult leader was a convicted rapist, but local rumours of cannibalism persist

Kathy Marks / Friday 30, August 2013

An infamous cult leader known as “Black Jesus” has met a grisly end in Papua New Guinea, where villagers chopped him to death while he was attacking a young woman.

Steven Tari had been on the run since March, when he was one of 49 men who escaped from a prison in Madang, in the east of the South Pacific nation. One of his followers, who joined him in the attack, met the same fate in the remote village of Gal, about 20km outside Madang.

A Bible school drop-out who promised his followers prosperity and eternal life, Tari was arrested in 2007 amid sensational claims that he had performed sacrificial killings and feasted on the flesh of his victims. In the event, he was charged only with rape, although rumours of murder and cannibalism continued to dog him. In 2010 he was convicted of raping four teenage girls who had joined his sect. He was jailed for 20 years.

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