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    MS - Student Calls Professor a Rapist & Predator

    Friday, August 30, 2013 | Last Update: 10:07 AM PT

    Student Calls Professor a Rapist & Predator


    OXFORD, Miss. (CN) - A high school teacher lost his teaching license after a 16-year-old girl accused him of rape, but Rust College in Mississippi hired him anyway and he forcibly raped a student in his office, the woman claims in court.

    Jane Doe sued Rust College and former professor Sylvester Oliver, in Federal Court.

    Doe also claims the college president threatened to fire anyone who cooperated in the investigation or litigation involving her rape.

    Rust College is a historically black liberal arts college in Holly Springs, Miss., 35 miles southeast of Memphis.

    Doe says in the lawsuit that Rust College hired Sylvester twice. It let him resign after a student accused him of sexual improprieties, then he lost his teaching license for similar behavior in Memphis, then Rust hired him back and he raped Doe, she says in the complaint.

    Read more: http://www.courthousenews.com/2013/08/30/60743.htm

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    Wow. I can't imagine being raped by an instructor, reporting it, they do nothing, and then I am expected to continue coming to class? Did the college assume she was lying? He has a record of this!

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    Here they are tooting his prestige in 2011.


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    Oh, the hypocrisy:

    "In its student handbook, defendant Rust College touts itself as a church-related institution 'committed to the moral and social tenets prescribed by the United Methodist Church' and warns that 'any students engaging in extra and pre-marital sexual intercourse will be subject to disciplinary action,'" the complaint states. "The student handbook further states that situations involving sexual morality are in direct conflict with the college's mission. Regrettably, this language is not included in the institution's faculty handbook but by reasonable implication extends to the faculty of Rust College in its interactions between faculty and students."
    So consensual premarital sex is subject to disciplinary action, but rape is a-ok? Wtf?
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