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    Musical pig is solution to eerie music survivors heard as RMS Titanic sank

    No, not talking about "Nearer My God to Thee," which the band wasn't playing as the ship sank, or even the song "Autumn," which many say it was. Talking about a musical pig here. A musical pig playing "La Sorella," composed in around 1905 by Charles Borel-Clerc.

    Mystery of eerie music played as Titanic sank is solved. (Telegraph)
    The tune came from a musical toy pig belonging to one of the passengers who played it repeatedly to comfort children in the lifeboat and block out the sounds of the dying in the water around them.

    The device had been broken for several decades but was fixed last week by experts at the National Maritime Museum. However, they were unable to identify the song, which was played on the Telegraph website earlier this week.
    The pig belonged to Edith Rosenbaum, 32, who survived the sinking.
    She was in her cabin when the ship hit the iceberg and saw it move past, through her porthole. She went on deck before returning to collect the pig, as the passengers were mustered near the lifeboats.

    She initially refused to get into a boat, apparently climbing back out of one of them – like many passengers, she was apparently certain the liner would not sink.

    A sailor then grabbed the pig – made of wood and papier maché, with an outer layer of actual pig skin – from under her arm and threw it into the lifeboat, telling her: “You don’t want to be saved, well I’ll save your baby”.
    After the sinking, one apparently mistaken passenger complained that another had had a real pig on board the lifeboat. Rosenbaum was said to be initially embarrassed by the disclosure she had taken a toy pig with her.
    more at the link
    The song found inside the TITANIC musical Pig - YouTube
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    That is neat!
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    Someone complained that a real pig was on the lifeboat. I hope it was out of concern that more room could have been made for a human. The story of the Titanic has always horrified me since hearing of it as a kid. It must have been awful. The recent thread about the Astors and Mr. Astor seen smoking his last cigarette and the music playing from a pig covered with real pig skin justs seem so scary.

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    Interesting. Many mysteries of the Titanic.

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    God Bless everyone on that ship. Titanic has always haunted me.

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