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    OH - Frida Hornberger, 9, August 1921

    OH Frida Hornberger ,age 9, missing August 21, 1921 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    P.S. also memtioned in "Queen City Gothic' by J.T.Townsend
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    It is believed Frida was killed by the same perp as Emily Gump, another recent thread. It sounds like there were three or four girls he killed over a few years in the same area.


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    October 2013 marked 60 years since Evelyn Hartley's violent kidnapping while babysitting.

    We need fresh eyes in the case - please visit us in
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    See also Marian McLean. Charles Bischoff was found guilty of killing her and was suspected of involvement in both Freda Hornberger's and Emily Gump's disappearances.

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