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    WA - Evergreen State Fair Worker Busted

    Dale Ray Fager

    This guy was wanted out of Indiana on a forgery charge. Nevermind that because he still got a job working in the kiddie section of the fair because he used an alias.

    So he forged something? Bigh whoop right? Nope in an e-mail he said if ever given the chance he'd rape a 6 year old and then marry her. WT*? 500 images of child pornography and many more explicit e-mails.


    Another reason when my child was little I personally put her on the ride and took her off. If they said for safety reasons I couldn't then we skipped that ride.

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    Why are background checks done using names and not social security numbers? You only get 1 of those, right?

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    A basic background check is only as good as the person/company behind the request. There is thorough, as in you will never get a chance to stands in a crowd as the Queen passes by with her guards and all - that is thorough. I don't think our country puts much faith in those automatic background checks. Too many creeps have squeezed through the cracks and are operating in places where they blend in with the crowd. A "bad guy" usually doesn't look like a "bad guy".

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