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    TX - Teens Save Alleged Kidnap Victim Who Mouthed 'Help Me' From Car

    "Yes, I'm on the highway. I'm witnessing a robbery. Not a robbery, a kidnapping," Aaron Arias, 19, told a 911 dispatcher. "It's me and another guy. So we're checking out the girl in the backseat because we're like, 'OK, she's kind of attractive', and then all of a sudden the guy is turned back, looking at us.

    "We looked in the backseat and the blond female in the back was saying, 'Help me,' or something, whispering it. So I'm assuming it is a kidnapping."

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    What a great story! They may have even saved the young woman's life.
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    Oh my.....thanks so much for posting this! What a wonderful story! These two young men are so well spoken. It's great to read a story about young men who did the right thing!

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    She was sitting in the backseat of a car stopped next to them at a stop sign.

    “And then we made eye contact, and I see this serious expression on her face. What she was trying to say was serious," Harris said. "And I read her lips and she was like, 'help me.’”

    This was no game or comic book.

    “They drive right in front of us and I see her touch the back windshield, and I saw her face and that's when I knew we had to go after them,” Arias said.

    They started following the car and called 911.

    Officers say the man driving the car was a true villain -- Charles Atkins Lewis Jr., who police say kidnapped the woman in downtown Dallas off Bryan Street, and forced her into her car.
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    Love that they are into superheroes - and got to be real life ones themselves!

    Way to go, guys!
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    DALLAS!!!!! what?!?!? oh my a rapist and now this?
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    Bless their young hearts. After we read about so many horrific crimes some young people commit it's young folks like this that renew my faith in our younger generation.

    Thank you, gentlemen.

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    Wow! Great story.

    You often hear people complain about kids these days (as they have through history!), but there are many wonderful teens around, as these two proved.

    Way to go guys! You are true super heroes!

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    With her cell phone tossed, a knife and gun found in the car, it sure seems she may not have made it through the night. MOO

    God bless them!

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    Great story. The second article says she was kidnapped outside of her office building?

    And now this kidnapper that hit her with a gun is being held on a 50k bond? So if he can put up 5k he will be back on the street??? Wow. Something is wrong when that sort of kidnapping and attack leads to a 50k bond (unless the woman had been in a relationship with her attacker and that doesn't seem to be the case).

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    I was wondering if she may have known her attacker. It doesn't sound sound like it. That is a low bond even if he were an estranged husband. The boys are really heroes !

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    Being in a relationship with someone does not give that person a right to kidnap, terrorize, threaten or abuse the other person in any way .

    ****s are ****s. They are worthless.


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    This made it to Australian media today. Wonderful story! You can hear the terror in her voice/sobbing in the police recording.

    Those boys are true angels - do they award medals for bravery in Texas? They deserve one!

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