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    AL - Tuscaloosa Co., Human remains found, Sep'13 - Antonio Williams


    The news just reported that human remains were found by dove hunters earlier today. The article doesn't say this, but the newscaster said they were remains of a child. This area is right off of the main interstate.

    Anxiously awaiting further details.

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    A child???
    Six-year-old Shannon Sherrill disappeared from her front yard in Thorntown, Indiana in October, 1986. Someone knows where she is......


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    Whew.... it's not a child. Can't tell how I know, but it's not a child.

    Here's a local missing person that it could possibly be. I'm waiting for more info.


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    Skeletal remains found in Tuscaloosa confirmed as missing man


    Posted: Sep 12, 2013 12:12 PM EDT
    Updated: Sep 12, 2013 12:43 PM EDT
    By Melynda Sides

    TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) -The skeletal remains found last weekend in Tuscaloosa are confirmed to belong to missing man Antonio Lashawn Williams.

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    From December 2015:


    Alexius Foster, 37, was convicted in the 2013 deaths of 57-year-old George Foster and 30-year-old Antonio Williams. Foster went to trial in August in his uncle's death, but the judge declared a mistrial after a second man was charged in the killing.

    At his second trial, Foster on Nov. 16 was found guilty of all counts, including capital murder during robbery and capital murder during burglary in George Foster's case, and murder and theft of property related to Williams. Later that week, a jury recommended Foster be sentenced to life in prison without parole...

    In September of this year, authorities arrested Shadrell Matthews, 37, on charges of murder and first-degree theft of property in the slaying of Williams.
    The case against Matthews is still pending.

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