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    AR - Monroe Isadore, 107, killed in SWAT shootout, Pine Bluff, 7 Sept 2013

    No that is not a typo.
    He was 107 years old.
    They appear to have done EVERYTHING possible to avoid shooting this guy.


    A 107-year-old man died in a shootout with SWAT officers in Arkansas after he failed to surrender,
    authorities said.


    When officers approached the bedroom where Isadore was hiding, he fired through the door, authorities said.


    Once S.W.A.T arrived, it inserted a camera into the room and confirmed he was armed with a handgun.

    After unsuccessful negotiations, S.W.A.T then inserted gas into the room, hoping Isadore would surrender peacefully.

    At that point, Isadore began firing rounds at the S.W.A.T officers who had inserted the gas from outside a bedroom window.

    A S.W.A.T entry team breeched the door to the bedroom, and threw in a distraction device.

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    Wow, that's sad. At 107 ....I wish things would've worked differently.

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    Very sad. I wonder if he had Alzheimer's? People in the early stages of that can go through an aggressive stage.

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    I'm just grateful that the police got there before the first two people he held at gunpoint got murdered and that he didn't succeed in murdering any of the officers.

    I'm sure that there will still be people who accuse police of murdering a sweet old defenseless man. That's the attitude cops and their families have to live with. There will be people calling for the name of the cop who fired the bullet that saved everyone else's life, threats of retaliation and pseudo-official activists riling up the easily led masses to protest. Doesn't matter what they protest as long as they get to make cardboard signs and get out and holler in the streets.


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    I'm not seeing much criticism of LE here actually.
    Other than the sarcastic "Why didn't they just wait for him to take a nap?" kind of comments.

    Most people are thoroughly impressed that they did that much to try to avoid shooting him.
    I'm the first to say something if I think LE is wrong but I think they did EVERYTHING right in this case.

    Their only other option was to wait him out. Since he was actively shooting that wasn't a good option.

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    I wonder if this was suicide by cop. Elderly are most likely to commit suicide. The elderly have the highest suicide rate and is much higher than younger people.

    Elderly Suicide

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    "It was a lot. I can't even count on my hands," a witness told THV about the number of rounds fired. Another witness recalled hearing "at least thirty rounds fired." When THV asked Lewis if she thought police were justified in their actions she said, "I think they didn't have a choice but to shoot him after they had put the teargas in and everything. He refused and he shot first."

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    He may have had dementia.. maybe thought he was back in WWII again or something. Or.. he was just an ornery old SOB.

    Glad they managed to stop him killing people, and sad he couldn't be stopped any other way.
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    In the Old West in legends later he would have been admired for "dying with his boots on."

    But these are different times.

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    I wonder if he "knew" what he was doing...(ie, suicide by cop).

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