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    MI Baby rape suspect: God can only save us

    I really thought we had a thread on this, but could not find it using the search option. Please forgive me if I am double posting, and merge if needed.

    Needless to say, these two bring out my violent side. I didn't think I could despise them any more than when I first read about their crimes, but I was wrong. She says they are both "great people". Here is my response

    27-year-old Stevie Foehl and her 23-year-old boyfriend Michael Emory each face multiple charges after allegedly video-taping each other as they sexually assaulted a 1-year-old girl in Alpine Township.
    Here are some earlier links.

    A man and woman each face multiple charges after allegedly video-taping each other as they took turns sexually assaulting a 1-year-old girl in Alpine Township, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.


    They ran away to South Carolina, but they are idiots as well as rapists, and they got caught. Here is her mug http://mugshots.com/Current-Events/S....66720531.html And here is his http://mugshots.com/Current-Events/M....66720589.html

    Oh, did I mention that they were being investigated in the first place because he was messing with a 14 year old that he met online? But yea, they are great people

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    They are repulsive AND dispicable. SHE is a 'mother of two'!!! OMG, no words that wouldn't get a time out. Where do these freaks come from???

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    I'm glad that these two were caught quickly. Hoping for a speedy trial and sufficient jail time for these two worthless "non-greats".
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    Her myspace or something like it http://www.meetme.com/sexii-babii-gurl
    Her socialcam https://socialcam.com/users/l2tQO573/followers
    His socialcam https://socialcam.com/u/JXrtodmH
    She made the Winter 2013 Grand Rapids Community College Dean's list https://www.grcc.edu/sites/default/f...inter_2013.pdf
    An article about them luring and molesting a 14 year old girl http://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapi...ed_crai_1.html

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    sorry, graphic~

    I hope what she's saying is true, that there was no penetration and the baby was not physically hurt. Honestly, while I know that "rape" is technically the correct term, I wish they would be more clear in cases like this. When I hear infant rape, I think of a months old baby physically penetrated by an adult male sex organ or the equivalent. While what they did is certainly horrible enough, what I think of when I think of rape of an infant is something much more physically horrible, if nothing else.

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    I just happened to find a post from fox17online.com dated Feb 19, 2015, reporting both sentenced to life in prison. Emory actually received 3 life sentences.
    Sorry I don't know how to link
    Actually, I think it worked!

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    I'm so beyond disgusted by this epidemic of sex assaults on infants, toddlers. Glad to see the two degenerates in this case received life in prison.

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    I am so glad to see these sentences! I hope other similar ongoing cases will follow suit.
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