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    OK - Teen son of alleged cemetery mugger meets and gives back money to retiree

    Nice story from Daily Mail and Channel9, with pictures and video:

    Touching moment teenager ashamed of his criminal father gave back money he stole from retiree as she visited her husband’s grave in cemetery
    After elderly woman was mugged in an Oklahoma cemetery last week, the last thing she expected was to have the robber's son return her the cash.

    But Christian Lunsford, 15, a teenager from Moore, wanted to meet his father's victim to put things right.

    Perhaps even more surprisingly, the victim, Tona Herndon, agreed to meet the teenager in a church parking lot, this weekend.

    Christian had some money his dad had recently given him and whether it came from Mrs Herndon originally or not, he wanted her to have it.
    Christian apologized for his father's actions to Mrs Herndon face-to-face and handed her $250 he received from his father.

    'This is a very blessed family, I thank them so much for what they wanted to do, to make things right. That was wonderful,' she said.

    Then things took an even more surreal twist as Christian was handed the money back upon Mrs Herndon's insistence.
    'He gave and I received, and I gave and he received, so it worked out,' Mrs Herndon said.

    Christian's gesture meant more to her than just the cash she said.
    more at the link

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    I really enjoyed reading this, thanks. Well, not enjoy, I mean, a woman lost her husband and was then robbed. But what the child did and her ultimate gift for him as well made me tear up a bit reading it.

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