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    WA - Jeffrey Evenson charged w/ raping Six Year Old, 2013

    The "mother" is dead.

    Jeffery Johannes Evenson is not, but that's too bad.

    With permission from the little girls mother this already twice convicted RSO homeless level 3 offender repeatedly and over a length of time raped this poor baby.

    He may get life. Big whoop. He should have still been locked up. How about this little girls life? Living with the memory of a mother that said sex is good for kids and dealing with what this louse did to her.


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    Her father recently notified police when the girl, now 9, opened up to a family friend about the alleged crimes.
    What a brave little girl. Praying for her.
    "I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it's not ... The worst thing in life is to end up with people that make you feel all alone." - Robin Williams

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