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    Drunk prankster tragically killed during prank

    A DRUNKEN flasher died when he tripped over his trousers and fell from a first-floor window on to spiked railings. Rugby player Gareth Mason, 22, bled to death after suffering 15 wounds to his neck and chest when a drunken stunt went wrong.

    Pal Katie Stansby, 21, told how they had just returned to his flat from a pub crawl when the tragedy happened. Gareth had dropped his trousers and stood in the window shouting: 'Who wants some of this?'.

    She said: 'He said it as a joke. He said it out of the window but there was no one out there.

    'His trousers and pants were around his ankles and he could not move. He bent forward and went out of the window. He put both of his hands up, opened palms and tried to stop himself but he missed the window and fell through.

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    This is so sad.

    Life is short, one second your waggin your weenie having a great time and the next your dead. Very sad.


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