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    TN - Georgia Tann Adoption Ring 1920's - 40's

    This has to be the most horrific crime against children I have ever seen. I just watched a show on the ID channel about this story. I looked it up and here is the story in short.

    For 30 years, Georgia Tann made millions selling children. A network of scouts, corrupt judges and politicians helped her steal babies. She also targeted youngsters on their way home from school, promising them ice cream to tempt them away from their homes.
    Legal papers would be signed saying they were abandoned - most would never see their families again.
    Now, her story has been revealed in a new book. After painstakingly contacting her surviving victims and a forensic search through the archives, Barbara Bisantz Raymond calculates that Tann sold more than 5,000 children - and killed scores through neglect.
    During the time she ran her 'business', the infant mortality rate in Memphis was the highest in the country.
    Tann molested some of the girls in her care and placed children with paedophiles.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/ar...#ixzz2f0BBkAnX
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    Mods if this is not the correct place for this Please move!

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    I had never heard of her -- very interesting report. How horrible!

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    Interesting.. Lana Turner and Joan Crawford got their children from her.

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    I've known about Georgia Tann for many years and used to read all about her. Yes, quite a few of the babies were adopted by the movie stars. How very tragic and sad.

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    Ive been on this story since I saw it on unsolved mysteries long ago. There is a famous wrestler by the name of Rick Flair that was one of these children and found out he was adopted when he was an adult. He found out his real name, but I dont think he has tracked down his birth family.
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    "Conveniently for the corrupt politicians who had collaborated in her black market baby trade, Tann was too sick to be questioned about her crimes."

    Right. Like nobody knew who the corrupt judges and politicians were.
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