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    TX - Houston, WhtMale, 35-45, in Buffalo Bayou, Sep'13 - Robert Cox


    He also has several distinctive tattoos, including a German eagle on his left chest, resembling symbols used by Nazis, as well as a Viking holding a battle ax on his right upper arm. The tattoos appear to be similar to those worn by members of the white supremacist gang the Aryan Brotherhood.

    The man was wearing only a pair of camouflaged shorts and appeared to have been in the water for between 12 and 15 hours."

    From: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-te...php?cmpid=hpbn

    There is a picture, but it is not terribly informative (object in water from a distance). Imagine this will be solved quickly, but you never know.
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    Identified - Robert Cox

    Person found in bayou identified as Robert Cox. Cause of death still under investigation.

    More info here:


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