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    Cops: Woman uses knives to stab ex-boyfriend following 'Eagles' argument


    Wow did this witchy woman Take it to the limits
    Theres gonna be a heartache tonight for sure

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    She didn't have that peaceful easy feeling.

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    Cops told her she could check out but she could never leave.

    Reminds me of the Volkswagen commercial with the parrot saying "and who got it? This guy" over and over again, and then the look the woman gives the bird.

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    Damn something is wrong with her! Listening to The Eagles makes me so happy and laid back. Greatest Band! Never trust anyone that doesn't like The Eagles....

    just saying

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    Shoot, I LOVE the Eagles. 7 Bridges Road is my all time favorite. And some of Henley's solo stuff (There's A Hole In The World Tonight, for example) is outstanding, too.

    Why couldn't she just listen to the awesome music and relax.....????

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