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    Sharing, With a Safety Net (for minors)


    SAN FRANCISCO — Kids. The reckless rants and pictures they post online can often get them in trouble, by compromising their chances of getting into a good college or even landing them in jail. What to do about such lapses vexes parents, school officials, the Internet companies that host their words and images — and the law.

    Now California legislators are trying to solve the problem with the first measure in the country to give minors the legal right to scrub away their online indiscretions. The legislation puts the state in the middle of a turbulent debate over how best to protect children and their privacy on the Internet, and whether states should even be trying to tame the Web.

    The governor, Jerry Brown, has taken no position on the bill. He has until mid-October to sign it, after which, without his signature, the legislation becomes law. ..........

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    This is a ridiculous idea and IF it passed then websites will start forcing people that post to state they are 18 years of age or older in order to get around the idiocy of the CA law.

    Plus Google and many other archiving sites will likely fight it in the courts as it would cause countless problems and require a tremendous amount of money to verify such claims and try to remove the data years later. If some dumb kid posts a bunch of junk and then decides 4 years later he wants it all "erased" from the web it is utterly ridiculous to expect website owners, archive sites, etc.....to go back and scour their data and try to remove it. Ridiculous and impractical.

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