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    Police Chief takes one day suspension for hitting pedestrian

    McClelland said the investigation has concluded and showed what he has said from the beginning, that he was at fault.
    He said as a result, he's holding himself to a higher standard.


    It is not known when McClelland would serve his day of suspension, but he will enroll in a defensive-driving class.


    Apparently suspension would not normally be a punishment for a patrol officer hitting a pedestrian.
    That is why he is holding himself to a higher standard and taking a one day suspension.

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    Is that a one-way street he is turning onto? It doesn't appear to be, so why the heck is he all the way over to the left...idiot driver.
    “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.” - Maya Angelou

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    I believe he is turning onto a one way street.
    Not that it makes what he did any better.
    Just my opinion

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