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    Kittens not ready for their close-up


    Photographer Arne Svenson has put together a charming yet unusual calender-style gallery of kittens called "Strays."

    Svenson admitted that he grew attached to many of the kittens he photographed.

    I've got to have one of these!

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    I think my favorite is the 4th from the last, with the long haired, orange-cicle coloring... nothing says superior cat attitude like a kitty putting you in your place with the full on cat a$$ view salute. lol

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    They are all precious!

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    And people wonder why I have 11 cats...they're incredibly unique and fun. Great calendar!

    Herding Cats
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herding Cats View Post
    And people wonder why I have 11 cats...they're incredibly unique and fun. Great calendar!

    Herding Cats
    I have 10 all rescues, with i think an 11th coming along as he is lonely, no allieances and spends his days on top of my hot box, crying or hissing at me for food depending on his mood. With winter coming along i think he needs a forever home

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