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    Four-month-old female fetus found in jar in Florida high school classroom

    Horror after teacher finds four-month-old female human fetus in a jar at a Cape Coral high-school
    Mystery surrounds the discovery of a four-month-old female fetus in a jar, which was discovered in the classroom of a high school.

    The disturbing item was found wrapped in a brown paper bag by a teacher from Cape Coral High School, Florida, who had returned from the summer holidays on August 7 this year.

    Robert Snyder had not been in the classroom since leaving school at the end of the previous term.

    But after coming back to school the early childhood services teacher opened a cabinet to discover the grim jar.
    more at the Daily Mail link above

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    Well. It's Florida.
    “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” -- Terry Pratchett

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    It goes on to say that the body is well preserved,...snipped

    That's interesting, who would have access to formaldehyde and the knowledge to do that? Not your average pregnant teen. jmo
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    When I was in high school the science classist pigs that were preserved for dissecting.

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    dissecting pigs is part of biology in some states.

    Dead human fetuses not used in high school biology/

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