Ruth had been out one night with her brother and a group of friends. When it got late, Ruth's brother left her with the friends and went home because he had to work the next day.

Around 6 a.m. on Sept. 22, 1980, a group of men traveling down Highway 1 in DeWitt noticed something.

Rosegrant says, "When that vehicle stopped this white female jumps out and starts running back down the road towards them waving her hands and they don't stop."
The men gave a description that fit Ruth and her car. About 45 minutes later, Ruth's car was seen parked at her boyfriend's residence on North May Street where she often parked it. (The boyfriend was eventually ruled out as a suspect.) Inside the trunk was found blood and water.

Two days later, Ruth's body was found submerged in a creek. She was nude and had been struck in the head at least nine times. Her watch and clothes were found near another pond the following day, and a week later, her cigarettes and sunglasses turned up on a road south of town

LE believes the perpetrator was a local person who knew Ruth. Several men have been considered suspects over the years, but without sufficient evidence to make an arrest. Ten years after the murder, local LE gave Ruth's clothing to her family.