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    AR - Amanda Tusing, 20, Jonesboro, 14 June 2000

    Amanda lived with her parents in Mississippi County, AR. The night she was killed, she had driven to the apartment of her fiance, Matt, in Jonesboro, about an hour from her home. Matt said Amanda left his place at about 11:30 P.M. She would normally call him when she arrived home, and when he didn't hear from her by 1:30, he grew concerned and called her house.

    Matt and Amanda's parents set out to search along Highway 18, "a busy stretch of road between Jonesboro and Blytheville". Before her parents arrived, Matt found her car near Monette, AR, but no sign of Amanda.

    10 years since Amanda Tusing's murder, no arrest

    11:01 PM, Sep 22, 2010

    Amanda's black 1992 Pontiac was abandoned.
    Susan says, "The keys were still in the car, her purse was still in the car. It was just like she'd parked the car and got out and left it."

    Three days later, her body was found in a ditch some 14 miles from her car. The medical examiner's office ruled the cause of death as drowning. Police are certain it was murder.

    Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann explains, "When the body was found in the water, there was no obvious signs of trauma to the body."

    There were no signs of a struggle or a sexual assault.
    If you know any information, call the Craighead County Sheriff's Officeat 870-933-4526. There is a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest.
    Amanda's boyfriend took three polygraph examinations and passed. He's not considered a suspect. Area LE officers were also interviewed and polygraphed.

    There is no physical evidence. The FBI assisted in the investigation, and said the suspect is probably a white male in his 50's who lives near the location where Amanda's body was found.

    New Clue in Unsolved Midwest Murder
    June 18, 2007
    ABC News Law & Justice Unit

    Last week, in the rare bright moment for a long-unsolved homicide case, police said they had a promising new lead from someone who claims to have overheard people talking about the murder.

    "She had a drink in the drink holder, about three quarters, half full, and it was still kind of frosted," Craighead County sheriff's investigator Gary Etter said last week. "Her wallet was still in there, and her keys were still in the ignition."

    Etter said the windshield wipers had been stopped midswipe on the windshield, and the radio was turned to her favorite station. There were no signs of a struggle.

    Three days later, on June 18, a resident found Tusing's body in a rain-swollen ditch, about 12 miles from where Ervin had found her car. The body was west of Tusing's car, even though she had been traveling east when she disappeare

    The lead came when someone approached the sheriff's department about a conversation he or she had overheard, Etter said. After initial interviews, Etter said there are two more interviews to do before the lead has been fully checked out.
    Apparently the lead didn't pan out.
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    Sadly this is the newest story I can find. http://m.kait8.com/kait8/pm_/content...id=od:nbxwGLS7

    Amanda is local to where I grew up and unfortunately the person many believe was responsible died some years back (if I recall correctly).

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