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    Fenton High School JV football players act boldly, rescue boy from stranger danger


    The terrified middle school student had been by himself, near the football field, when he was approached by a middle-aged man.

    Without hesitation, the team jumped in to help the boy.

    “The man was gesturing trying to get the kid to come over,” said JV football player Andrew Moore. “The kid went behind me and said ‘Please don’t let him take me’ and I’m like, “We won’t, bud’.” So we all tell him to get out of here, go away.”

    The teens not only called 9-1-1, but they gave Fenton police the stranger’s plate number, a good description of the man, and pictures of his van

    No arrests were made because police say no crime was committed and the child was not harmed physically.
    so we wait for him to abduct a child before doing anything - ugh!

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    They need to do something about this man!! If the team had not been there, we would be reading about a missing child again... GO TEAM!!
    This is just MOO

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    Good job team! I wonder what the man said to the officers. That boy seem really scared.
    Officers will be monitoring the area.

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    You would think they could charge him with enticing a child or something. This is ridiculous and I'm not so positive they will keep a good enough eye on the perp. If I were the parents of this child I sure would, and I'd notify everyone in the town of the attempt.

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    I wonder if the man is an RSO. If so, he is in violation for approaching any child.

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    WHAT? HE attempted to abduct a child!! WHO is this police chief.

    This is absolutely ridiculous and needs more press to make them file charges. Luring a child is an offense is it not? Attempted kidnapping is an offence is it not?
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