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    UK ∙ Heathrow recreates departure day for a 21-year-old man with severe autism

    Heathrow Airport recreates departure day for a young man with autism. (BBC News)
    Aaran Stewart does not react well to change.

    The 21-year-old has severe autism and obsessive compulsive disorder, but has to negotiate the hectic bustle of Heathrow airport to attend Boston Higashi High School in the US.

    To cater for him, staff have attempted to re-create the same conditions every time he flies.

    Four times a year for five years, Aaran has met the same airport staff, at the same check-in desk, visiting the same shops, leaving from the same gate - gate A10 - to a plane on which the same seats are reserved.
    His mother Amanda said Aaran would not be able to fly if any of the details were different.

    She said: "Without the procedure we wouldn't be getting on the plane. It has to be carried out absolutely pristinely otherwise we'll end up with a problem."
    more, with a picture, at the link

    Brilliant work by the world's third busiest airport.

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    four times a year? so does that mean he stays at the school and comes home four times a year? I googled the school to try & get an idea of their curriculum semesters but couldn't figure it out

    good for the staff at Heathrow - that airport is a huge well-oiled machine IMO

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    Flying is stressful,I can imagine flying with a person that has autism would be an ordeal.I will try to keep this thought while I am losing my patience at the airport.
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