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    Question What are your thoughts on this? Bad situation or not?

    I need to vent and want your thoughts on this even if it is to tell me "mom, you are overreacting" lol

    The other day, my child's school sent out an email and the local PD sent out a notice about an attempted abduction or luring (as described by PD) that took place right near her school. Here is the exact notice from the PD sent out:

    Police received a report of an attempted child luring, in a neighborhood close to an elementary school and bus stop.

    The elementary student was approached by an older white male who is believed to be around the age of 65. The man asked the child to exchange treats with him and encouraged him to come inside his van. The child declined the offer and walked safely home.

    Police have increased patrols and are looking for a white male, mid 60's, wearing a black baseball style hat with white lettering, eye glasses and facial hair on his chin only. The suspect also was wearing a dark blue colored short sleeve shirt with white lettering across the front and tan colored pants.

    The suspect was standing beside a white colored, full size van.
    So of course all parents were on high alert, reminding the kids of strangers, etc etc.

    Then, the next day the PD sent out a "clarification":

    Police this week completed their investigation of a possible child luring near a school bus stop in The xx. While it turned out to be a misunderstanding, it is still a good reminder for parents and their children to be vigilant.

    On Thursday, Sept. 19, an elementary school student was approached by an adult he did not know. The adult asked the child if he wanted food the adult had in his truck. The child declined and walked safely home. There were no other reports.

    Police found the driver, and after completing a thorough investigation do not consider the man a danger to students or the community. Officers interviewed the man and determined that the man did not have criminal intentions. The man’s job is to help unload food distribution trucks, and he often volunteers to distribute expired food items to homeless people.

    xx Police have run a thorough background check on the man, and there is no evidence of any crimes nor suspicious activity that would lead police to believe that he intends any harm on children. He simply did not understand how his intent to share a snack with the child would be interpreted.

    Still, the child made the right decision by walking away and telling his parents. His parents made the right decision to call police.
    ok. while I trust our local PD, something doesn't make sense to me nor a bunch of other parents whom I have discussed this with....I am in Colorado and Jessica is still fresh in our minds!!

    First of all, what normal adult man would ever just randomly approach a little boy and offer him food inside his van??????

    Second, having no 'record' is not indicative of innocence. Sometimes people just haven't been caught.

    Third, and please do not take this as bragging but it is relevant to the issue.... I live in an upper middle/upper class area where there are no homeless (unless they are hitching along the state highway that goes through our town) and there are not even any shelters in my town. So why would this man park near a school in an upper middle/upper class area handing out "free food" that is intended for homeless people.......stop a young boy and offer him some food in his van???? the school is NOT near the state highway and it is tucked away inside the neighborhood w/ half million dollar + homes. And police find nothing suspicious about this and give him an "all is ok".

    I really really really hate to criticize law enforcement, especially in my town because they are an awesome dept.....but does any of that make sense to you? To me and other parents here it does not!
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    Whilst I am a number one fan of kids being on high alert and knowing what to do re stranger danger, I think this one does sound like a misunderstanding. I would imagine the police would not release the second statement unless they had thoroughly investigated.

    Still a good reminder though to have the talk with your kids.

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    What was the man doing in a very upscale neighborhood to give out food to the homeless and underprivileged? It sounds like he was way out of pocket there. Maybe you could ask LE for more reassurance about this incident for yourself and others.

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    I wouldn't find it strange in my village, which is also an upscale resort community. But only because I also distribute food to the needy. In our area, there are a few young families struggling to keep decent food on the table, but we also have a lot of older retired folks who have a hard time getting down the mountain to the grocery store and who are on limited incomes. We set up a booth in the park every Wednesday morning to distribute food though.

    Maybe your local LE should tell this guy to set up a booth instead? It would raise my hinky meter if he was only offering snacks to kids...and driving around while doing it.

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    thanks yall for your thoughts....sometimes it just helps to get other people's perspectives on things!!
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