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    Wink LATHER UP WITH BACON SOAP: Don't pour that grease down the sink -- use it on yoursel

    Eye on the East Bay: Oakley sanitary agency gets into soap business Posted: 09/29/2013 12:00:00 AM PDT

    After all, animal fat's been a key ingredient of soap since the days of the Babylonians, and now Ironhouse Sanitary District is plugging it as a 21st century solution to clogged sewer lines.
    Bacon soap, anyone? Or how about chicken?
    The Oakley agency recently had a few handmade soaps that included the byproducts of both animals on display at a festival in town, where representatives were met with some wrinkled noses and curiosity when they invited passers-by to take a closer look at the variously colored bars.
    Each has a different smell but reportedly nothing that would evoke bad memories -- or fond ones, for that matter -- of a Quarter Pounder or the Colonel's Original Recipe.
    In fact, one of the soaps gives off a whiff of green tea, says sanitary district General Manager Tom Williams, noting that fragrant oils are an optional additive.
    Although he hasn't yet tried making soap himself, Williams plans on saving the grease from sausage and ground beef when he whips up his next batch of chili. more at link: http://www.contracostatimes.com/ci_2...costatimes.com
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    I'm just not convinced about bacon fat (with all the chemicals) being good for your skin...besides, how would I cook our green beans if all the bacon stuff went into soap?

    The only soap I have made is goat's milk soap when I lived on a farm and we had more goat's milk than we knew what to do with...but I hate working with Lye...I'm always afraid of explosions. (I must have seen a movie or something)

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    But wasn't there a bacon shortage coming? Or bacon was going to soar in prices due to not enough being produced to meet demands? Either way, how dare they waste precious bacon on personal hygiene! Bacon was meant to be eaten, not lathered up on our bodies in some bathroom ritual... that is just RUDE! Down with showers... eat the bacon!

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    Ranch dressing shampoo?

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    Properties of soap when made with diff fats

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    I have a friend that is a butcher at a well known steak café north of Dallas. From the steak fat he makes soap. He also uses essential oils for the fragrance. And has made various shapes of the soap. Some of the fragrances are lavender, rosemary, patchouli, all the popular ones. I love them.

    He sells them at a reasonable price and he is getting quite a following. He told me that next week he is doing a field trip with 85 second graders. He has been on t.v. and in magazines. They are primarily sold in health food stores, etc.
    My prayers are for the innocent.

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