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    MO - Independence, LIVING WhtMale, 40-60, Sep'13 - Christian Frye

    Independence police need the help of the public identifying a man who has been in the hospital since Sept. 27.

    More at link:


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    RIP Jessica Ridgeway


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    I was coming in here to post this story. Glad to see someone beat me to it.

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    Interesting comment beneath this article. I hope that is true and they find his family quickly. I took a peek and intelius last night and there are 3 records of his name with ties to WA state. I figure Frye might be a common surname in that area.

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    Trying to ID "Christian Frye" found in Independence. May have ties to WA

    INDEPENDENCE, Mo ó An unidentified man who showed up in a Missouri hospital Friday canít remember exactly who he is, but believes he has some ties to Washington state.

    According to the police, an unidentified man needing medical attention was found Friday near Interstate 70 in Missouri. The man was transported to a local hospital, where he appeared confused and disoriented. He told police he had very little memory about his past and felt little if no connection to Missouri.

    Police said the man had no identification, and had never been spotted before around Independence. He later told police his name was Christian Frye, and he thinks he has some connection to Washington state.

    Authorities are asking anyone who can help identify this man to call the Independence Police Department at 816-836-3600.
    From: http://q13fox.com/2013/09/30/do-you-...#ixzz2gP66eLQg

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    Missouri amnesiac identified as Washington state man


    Mystery man Identified
    October 1, 2013

    Independence Police Department
    223 N. Memorial Drive
    Independence, MO 64050-3013
    Public Information Office
    Officer Tom Gentry
    (816) 325-7258
    News Release

    For immediate release: September 30, 2013

    Identification Made

    Independence Police have identified the person who was found in the area of I-70 and Little Blue Parkway on Sunday, September 27, 2013. His name is Christian T. Frye, 42 yrs old, from the state of Washington.

    He has been released from the hospital and is now receiving care at another facility in the Kansas City area.

    Thanks to the outpour of notification from the local media and the citizen response from multi states identification of Mr. Frye was obtained and the Independence Police are very grateful to everyone who participated in the effort.

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