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    PA - Nicholas Hrvoich for child abuse, Rochester, 2013

    A welfare check on a 13 month old baby showed the child had a fractured skull, and a severe untreated infection amongst other injuries.

    Both parents arrested. Two others facing charges for not seeking medical treatment for the baby.


    The "father" kept on insisting that the baby was fine to police.!

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    Poor little guy. Hope these parents never set eyes on this child again.

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    I wish I had a big house and lots of money and clout. I would take all of these unloved babies in a heartbeat.

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    Bless his heart. I'm glad someone called for a welfare check.
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    OMG I can barely come to these thread. Because I just don't get it. What makes me sad is the fact, they probably won't do much if any time. And probably get knocked up again, because what is birth control :/
    I hope this little guy recovers easily and goes to a new family.

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    Did the egg donor actually tell the police that the baby had 10 fractures from falling out of the stroller??? Seriously???! And the sperm donor's mother was living with them as well....
    This darling baby boy has two broken arms, two broken femurs, two broken ankles, a skull fracture.....and three adults that apparently either used him as a punching bag or completely ignores the unimaginable pain he had to have been in.

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    Oh that poor baby. I can't imagine being in all that pain for three weeks. My heart hurts for him. I wish they'd lock them up, in general population, forever. How sad.
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    This poor child suffered so much, I wonder if he ever had a loving moment in his life.
    It astounds me that three adults could stand by and see this happening and not do anything to help him, what is the matter with these stupid "parents" and a Grandma!

    Most Grandmas cannot think of anything but giving love to their grandchildren, for some reason this person has a stone for a heart.

    So, so, sorry for this baby.

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    A man accused of hurting his girlfriend’s 13-month old baby boy in Rochester pleaded guilty on Wednesday.

    Nick Hrvoich took a deal of two and a half years to five years behind bars.

    Initially, police arrested his mother, Kim Hrvoich, because she lived in the home, but charges were dropped Wednesday...

    The baby’s mother and father, Amanda Riley and Christian Evans, were also charged in the case, but police said Nick Hrovich was the main aggressor..

    In court Wednesday, Channel 11 learned the now 2-year-old is doing well. Videos show him dancing and walking. The boy is expected to be adopted by a family member soon.

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    Sentenced until November 2016, or Beyond

    Nicholas William Hrvoich :: White / Male / 29 Years Old

    https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/Docket...R-0002118-2013 :

    [Sentencing on Page 4 of 13]

    APO = Adult Probation Office

    18 § 2702 §§ A1 (F1) :: Aggravated Assault

    (F1) = Felony of the 1st Degree

    State Correctional Institution - Albion:


    Justice for All of Our Innocent Little Ones.
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    Poor kid thank god he is too young to even recollect what those evil people did to him

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