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    TX - League City mom forced young son out of car on freeway


    A mother in League City could be in big trouble for making her 10-year-old son walk home on the Gulf Freeway last night, according to the League City Police Department.

    Angela Graciela Garcia, 34, is accused of forcing her son out of her white Audi A4 to walk unattended on the shoulder of the busy freeway on Oct. 7.......

    Garcia was arrested and charged with abandoning and endangering a child, with bond was set at $7,500. She is currently in Galveston County custody. ........

    Garcia had another son in the car at the time. Both children were released to their father after the arrest. ........

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    Simply unbelieveable! What is wrong with this woman? That is such a busy freeway. I am surprised she was rear-ended when she pulled over. I only hope the father is a better parent.

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    My ex husband was made to get out of the car on the LIE as a child because he was passing gas and his sisters kept complaining.

    This was in 1977 or so and they looped around to get him...... But still.... Long Island Expressway?

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