'Braveheart' act lands woman in court. (goldcoast.com.au)
A Gold Coast woman who was inspired by Oscar-winning film Braveheart when she drunkenly chased her neighbours with a sword, has faced court -- and been given back her freedom.

Simone Nicole Bruce, 44, had been drinking wine and watching the Mel Gibson blockbuster at her Chevron Island home on May 28 when she decided to pull out a sword and practice her fighting skills in the street.
The prosecutor, tongue firmly in cheek, asked the court to add a probation condition that she refrain from watching other violent films.

"Your honour, I would make an application that she does not watch Kill Bill," Sergeant Michael Campbell said.

Barrister Chris Rosser explained that Bruce believed she was distantly related to a supporting character in the film, the future King of Scots, Robert the Bruce.
"She said she got well involved, picked up her son's sword and went on the driveway swinging the sword around, reliving the movie.

"It goes without saying that alcohol was behind all of this."

Her neighbours arrived home in their car about 8.30pm to find the armed woman in the middle of the road and called police.

But as they drove away she chased them and struck the car with the sword on the back quarter panel.
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