"These people need to know that he's out and they need to watch their children. Every child is in danger when they're around him."

This worried woman's daughter was molested by a man the family trusted. Recently convicted, he's now back on the street without serving a day. Norman Andrews was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for molesting a 10 year old girl. The mother of his victim, was shocked Tuesday night to learn Andrews was released from jail on an appeal bond, before he begins serving his prison sentence. Local 12's Rich Jaffe talked with both the worried mom, and the freed sex offender.

Behind the doors of this neat, little Fairfield home lives convicted child molester, Norman Andrews. He's home today, even though he was recently sentenced to three years in prison. In this quiet Fairfield neighborhood where Norman Andrews lives, access to children is far too easy. This busy park is just about a block and a half away from his house.

A Butler County Assistant Prosecutor tells us while Andrews was convicted on one count, she believes there are other victims. The prosecutor wanted Andrews declared a sexual predator, but he was designated a sexual offender. Andrews attorney would not say what his grounds are for the appeal.


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