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    OR - Gordon Bethel Lopez, 21, Portland, 3 Jan 1986

    I'm usually posting in the 1990s and 2000s Missing forums but I came across this young man and wanted to open up a thread for him. To me, it sadly sounds like a suicide. Cleaning and emptying his apartment, farewell letter...Hope he is still out there, alive and well.






    Missing Since: January 03, 1986 from Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon
    Classification: Missing
    Date Of Birth: July 8, 1964
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'0-6'3"
    Weight: 180-200 lbs.
    Hair Color: Dark Brown to Red.
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Usually wore a beard. Ears may have some slight deformity.
    Clothing: Always wore casual clothing; jeans and flannel.
    AKA: Gordy, GB
    Case Number: 86-5776

    Details of Disappearance:
    Gordon Lopez wrote a farewell letter to mother, no suicide mentioned, but he was never heard from again. He cleaned and emptied his apartment before leaving. He was attending Reed College at the time. His family hired a private detective with no luck.

    Lopez had previously worked in Alaska and Texas for summer jobs. He grew up in Southern California, Rancho Palos Verdes.

    Investigating Agency:
    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Portland Police Department

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    There was a man who either jumped or fell from a flag pole in Alaska that I have always been convinced was Gordon.

    Here we go:
    AK AK - Anchorage - WhtMale 439UMAK, 25-40, Naked - Fell From Flagpole, Aug'89 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    To me it really does look like it could be Gordon if he had lost a couple pounds in the facial area. I mean, almost everything fits, Gordon even worked in the Alaska area for a summer job, maybe he left to make a new name for himself in a place where he loved, but then something happened that left him so depressed he decided to end it all.

    It says in Namus that Samples were submitted, but not completed for DNA. So we'll just have to see if he's not already a John Doe from somewhere or maybe he left on his own and is living under an assumed identity? I don't know if Flag-pole Doe has his DNA in CODIS, but he does have dentals available, which is a little ironic seeing as how Gordon has DNA but no dentals.
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    I'm familiar with the Flagpole Doe case. I've been wondering if Gordon might have suffered from some mental illness (pretty common for men in their early 20s) and his state of mind could have gotten a lot worse until 1989.

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    This story was done in July. Connecting Gordon with the John Doe from Alaska.


    Among other duties, Bradley worked on missing person cases, which is why the call that came in a few years back was directed to her. That’s when The Flagpole Jumper case became a lot more personal.

    The call was from a California woman who is certain the man lying in that grave is her brother. So certain, she’s having his body exhumed for DNA testing this month in hopes of giving him back his name, and his dignity, and finally bringing him home.
    If Terry Mihok is right, the man who died that day in Mountain View is Gordon Bethel Lopez, a Reed College student who vanished from Portland, Oregon in 1986. On purpose.

    It’s not easy for her to talk about what became of her brother. She loved him and never stopped looking for him, searching crowds for his face, the streets for his red Volvo sedan. And she never gave up hope that he would come home someday.
    It took her several days of going through case after case until she came across one from Alaska that stopped her cold.

    “When I read it, I knew it was him.”

    She’d long suspected that Gordon may have been hiding out in Alaska. He’d worked up here the summer before he disappeared, as a logger on Heceta Island in the Alexander Archipelago in Southeast, and she’d spent a lot of time pouring over maps of the area and the state.
    The private investigator her mother had hired to look for Gordon actually did discover one thing Terry hadn’t known about, that her brother had gotten himself in trouble at college when, high on LSD, he took off all his clothes and started preaching to people.

    The date the man killed himself eliminated any doubt.

    August 23.

    When Terry was 15, she made a suicide attempt of her own, swallowing a bottle’s worth of aspirin. She was depressed, she said, but her mother didn’t believe in depression. So she felt she was left to find her own way out.

    August 23. Nothing random about it.

    “When I tried to kill myself, (Gordon) told me that if he ever did it, he would do it in a public place to make a statement. And if this really is Gordon, he killed himself on my mother’s birthday.”

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    If it wasn't for the one year disparity I would guess that Gordon is this John Doe found in MN: https://identifyus.org/en/cases/1212...se_information
    discussed in the thread
    They have the same unusual curly hair and facial features match well, but his body was found in 1985 and Gordon disappeared in 1986. Could there be mistake in the year of death in NamUs?

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    I think of this case quite often. Can't find any news.

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    Suggested by poster Donjeta, on this uid thread, but hoping George is still living his life somewhere..

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    dotr, that link...I can't seem to see anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagnoliaMountain View Post
    dotr, that link...I can't seem to see anything.
    Thanks for the heads up, copied and pasted too quickly,here is the thread.

    PEI - Malpeque Bay, Male, 21-35, Unusual Facial Features, Jun'97

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    It was reported that the John Doe from Alaska is not Gordon.



    After the exhumation, the brother’s dental records were compared to those taken during the 1989 autopsy. They didn’t match. James Trull, the APD detective in charge of the flagpole case, broke the news to Mihok.

    “It's so unlikely that all those circumstances are mere coincidences,” she wrote via email at the time. “I can imagine along the chain of custody his records may have been compromised. Also, the dentist we got those from, our family hadn't even seen in years, as far as I know. I hadn't seen him since I was a child, about 10 years old.

    “I would rather it not be him, but I really feel like it is. But time will tell.”

    Because DNA has the final say, the Medical Examiner’s Office shipped teeth and a femur via Fed Ex to the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas in Fort Worth. As a suicide rather than a more pressing homicide case, the results would take six months to a year.

    They’ve finally come back. Confirmed. It’s not him.

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    If Gordon is not Flagpole Doe...what happened to him? Maybe he is still alive somewhere out there...He would be 52 y/o now.

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    Bumping. Wondering how his sister is dealing with the fact she felt so close to having the UID identified as her brother...but it was not him.

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