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    Jack Andraka's journey from suburban Baltimore high school freshman to cancer researcher began at age 14 when a family friend died of pancreatic cancer. Shocked that there is no reliable early test for the disease, Jack decided he would develop one.


    This is Jack Andraka as he beats out 1,500 contestants and wins the grand prize at the Intel International Science Fair with his invention. Like a modern day Rocky, this self-described science geek took the stage and $100,000 in prize money. Pure, unadulterated, adolescent joy.
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    From your link... his brother Luke:

    Last year, Luke cooked up some nitroglycerin just to see if he could.

    Luke Andraka: And I was just interested to see could I make it down here? And it worked.

    It also drew the attention of the FBI who they say sent a letter letting them know that their Internet purchasing history had been noted by the feds.
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    Thanks for posting this! I saw this on Tv yesterday and it was wonderful. What an amazing kid. His joy over winning was so heartwarming to see. I am sure he will put the money to good use and this will not be the last that we hear of him


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