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    The TV show "Disappeared"

    I hope this is okay to post. I've been a member for a little while, but haven't started posting anything until recently. I belong to a group where we watch crime shows online and we discuss the shows we see live, and one of the shows that I think unfairly is given a hard time be some, is Disappeared. Often times I hear the same complaints about how the show usually has no closure at the end when the person or persons aren't found, but I disagree. I've said this before to a few others and I'll say it again. I love crime shows, but the truth of the matter is that we and the powers to be exploit people's misery and anguish when we watch these shows. I'm not saying that there isn't anything learned from there, because there obviously are things learned. But even with that said, I still love to watch them, so yes...I am hypocritical as I type this. The trend that I noticed these days is that true crime shows tell you a story with a resolution, where as back in the day, you had show like Unsolved Mysteries and America's Most Wanted whose primary goal was to help solve a mystery, and sadly, we just don't see that type of crime show that much these days...hence Disappeared. I like the fact that it leaves a mystery out there to be solved, so that if we do exploit and make money off of someone's misery and pain, at least we are trying to help. What do you think? I'd also like to know which missing person's cases would you like for Disappeared to profile? Thanks!
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    Hello!! I love the show disappeared, just love it. I've seen so many episodes, but maura kelly stands out and others. Usually I already know that the cases have been unsolved from reading about them here.
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    Disappeared is a favorite of mine. They use real life cases, and those cases remain unsolved.....so that is exactly how the show depicts them. I always feel newer cases should have most of the spotlight, as there is realistically generally a better chance of finding those MPs than exists in the older cases. Having said that......I would also like to see them profile some of the old cases. I think they have in their hands the opportunity to bring to light a serious problem many of the family of older case MPs have......that is naturally the large amount of John/Jane Doe graves each state has. The more light we can get shinning on this issue.....the better the chance of us getting the unknown exhumed and DNA profiled.....so maybe they can find their way home.
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