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    TN - Crossville, skeletal remains in woods, Oct'13 - Dalburn Franklin

    Video, written article and pictures at link. Found by Boy Scouts over the weekend.

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    The decedent has been identified as Dalburn Franklin from Crestview, FL

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    The question that is so far unanswered in any of the articles about the identification is whether Dalburn Franklin is the homeless man "David" a Crossville woman assisted in 2010:


    "David" used her phone to talk to his son in Roanoke, VA, while Dalburn's son (by whom a DNA match was made) lived in FL:


    Of course, if this was the same man using an alias he might have had sons in both VA and FL. It does sound as though this Good Samaritan (Bless you if you are reading this thread!) was on to something in this man's identification, as the first article stated she was able to describe items she'd given to the UID, including details not publicly released. I hope she has been given the chance to verify whether photos of Dalburn are similar to the "David" she assisted.

    May Dalburn Rest in Peace.

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    Thank you Carl and Tatertot! I had forgotten i had posted this...I read so much on cases like this. I came across this on a Knoxville news site I read regularly.

    I remember the guy Tatertot posted about....I believe he and and the family that helped him were featured on an episode of Dissappeared about another missing young man. But I'm sorry, I don't remember that man's name.

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