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Thread: Sept 12th trial date for David Temple for killing of pregnant wife Belinda Temple

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    Sept 12th trial date for David Temple for killing of pregnant wife Belinda Temple

    David Temple is being defended by Dick Deguerin...the same lawyer who convinced a jury to acquit Robert Durst.

    Trial set for Katy coach accused of killing wife
    KHOU-TV Houston - Thursday Apr 7
    David Temple's case will be heard September 12th. David Temple will go on trial September 12th for the murder of his pregnant wife.

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    Background on the case:

    Based on a law that went into effect in 2003, prosecutors could charge David Temple on separate counts - one for the murder of his wife and one for the murder of her unborn child.

    Belinda Temple was 8 months pregnant, a teacher. She complained to a friend that David was distant over her pregnancy, she put up shelves by herself in the baby room. David was off on a hunting trip. In reality he was having an extramarital affair and was with his gf. When she was found, she was crouching in a closet, a phone near her hand, where it's assumed she was hiding trying to call for help. She was shot in the head. The house had been made to look like a break in had occured. However, NOTHING was taken.

    The murder is 1 week after her wedding anniversary.

    6 days before her murder, hubby and gf "break it off" -

    3 days before murder, David Temple tells gf he loves her.

    David Temple is claiming he's innocent. He later marries the gf.
    (A twins forum following the case, Heather, the current wife is a twin.)

    His attornies say they have affidavits from an inmate, a former cop who overheard another inmate talk about doing the Temple murder.

    They say they are on the trail of the "real killer."

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    You mean that woman actually MARRIED him???


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    quick question..

    the "real killers" that they are on the trail of.. do they have a brown van?

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    When Nancy Grace started her new show on Headline News she had Belinda's parents in the studio with her. I think this was the day David's parents held a press conference about David's arrest. For some reason I think they held it at the gravesite of Belinda, or something like that. I'll try to hunt up the was a compelling interview.

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    Link to Nancy Grace's interview with Belinda's parents

    Thirty-year-old Belinda Temple was found shot to death hiding in her bedroom closet.

    You know, in Katy, Texas, high school football is not just a game, oh, no. It's a lifestyle. In fact Hollywood just released a blockbuster movie about football obsession, "Friday Night Lights." Well on the real football field, David Temple was nicknamed the Temple of Doom and turned into a local football hero, but now police believe he's not only the victim's husband, but could be a cold blooded killer who has walked free for six years.


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