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    WA - 11 yr old charged attempted murder at school, 2013


    (CNN) - A Washington state middle school boy was arrested Wednesday and faces an attempted murder charge, after he brought 400 rounds of ammunition, multiple knives and a handgun to his school, police said.

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    How sad, eleven years old is still so young.
    May you dream you are dreaming in a warm soft bed
    and the voices inside you that fill you with dread
    make the sounds of thousands of angels instead
    tonight where you might be laying your head.
    I wish you well.
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    Very sad. How do kids even think of these things. Don't parents talk to kids anymore.

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    Sad and scary. Out of curiosity, though, they can charge him with attempted murder just for bringing the weapons into the school and admitting his plan to shoot the kid?

    Eta--not meaning that to sound like any of that is okay and shouldn't be taken very very seriously, just was confused about the charges.

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    He was being told by a "voice" to shoot the boy in the arm then to kill himself because of bullying, or perceived bullying. Just awful.

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