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    DC - Arvin Sharma, 22, Washington DC, 16 April 2005

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    Another college male found in a river

    Arvin was found in the Anacostia River after a night out at a local club. Sounds familiar. Seems to be a lot of college age males found in rivers after a night out a club.


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    It appears that there is a serial killer or killers running around loose drowning college-age males after nights of clubbing. The only thing that makes me wonder about this case is that it isn't in the midwest where most of the other deaths have taken place.

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    If it is a serial killer he could move around, it does soind like the same MO. Friends go looking for them can't find them next they are found dead in a river. I'm wondering if whoever it is slips something in there drink then when they get groggy takes them outside. Walks to the river then just pushes them in.

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