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    Australia - Michelle Lewis, 21, Rockhampton, Qld, 14 January 1989

    October 26, 2013

    On January 14, 1989, Michelle got up and put on her pink tie-dyed singlet and a pair of shorts. That afternoon she rode her Malvern Star bike - a red and white BMX she rode everywhere - and pedalled to her friend's house on nearby Stenlake Ave.

    "It was after 10pm and the friend wanted to watch one more movie but Michelle was worried that Mum would be worried," Ruby said.

    The most direct route from Stenlake Ave to Dell's house on Alexandra St would have been no more than a kilometre and it would have taken her only a few minutes.

    She should have made it home in no time at all but she didn't make it home at all.


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    The original missing person police report.

    Name: Michelle Coral LEWIS
    Last seen: 14/01/1989 at North Rockhampton
    Year of Birth: 1967
    Sex: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Height: 155cm
    Build: Slim
    Complexion: Fair
    Circumstances: (insert a brief history) The Missing person left a friends address in Rockhampton riding a white and red BMX bicycle. She failed to return home.


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    Really good feature article from September 2015:


    It was one of the saddest things she’d ever done. She’d never met Michelle Lewis — she’d never even seen her.

    But over the years, she’d gotten to know her anyway. Michelle was the tomboyish girl who’d been given a second chance at life — only to have it snatched away.

    She was the girl who hadn’t celebrated her birthday until the age of 21, the girl who treasured her pretty room so much that she kept it immaculate, her clothes folded neatly in their drawers.

    She was the girl who never went anywhere without her trusty red and white BMX — so much so, that when she disappeared, her bike did too.

    But now, seven years on, Ann had to let it all go — admit defeat. They’d tried, tried so hard. But they’d never found out what had happened to Michelle Coral Lewis...

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