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    Tiny 'crazy ants' are a giant nuisance for U.S. Gulf Coast

    HOUSTON (Reuters) - Every few days, Joe Stuckey unleashes chemicals on the legions of tiny ants that invade his home and swarm over his 40-acre property south of Houston. Once they die, he scoops up them up by the shovel-full. Then he repeats the ritual.

    "It's literally a huge problem," said Stuckey, a Houston environmental attorney.

    Stuckey is one of several landowners who allow researchers to use their property to learn more about tawny crazy ants, a nuisance spreading rapidly across the U.S. Gulf Coast.

    Originally from South America, the ants were discovered in Texas in 2002, and there have been confirmed sightings in at least four other states - Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. They are "within four miles of Alabama right now," according to research scientist Joe MacGown at the Mississippi Entomological Museum.


    Some of the best remedies are in the comments section, actually.

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    Tiny 'crazy ants' are a giant nuisance for U.S. Gulf Coast

    I thought this was about my crazy Aunts!

    Never mind....

    On the ants.... The dude should dip em in chocolate & sell them!

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